Caroline Springs, Victoria: The Hamro Community’s ICS Cup Volleyball Tournament reached an exhilarating conclusion as the Himalayan Tiger team triumphed over a determined Hamro Community Red in three hard-fought sets, clinching a well-deserved victory.

The tournament showcased stellar talent, with standout performances recognized and applauded. Dinesh Lama emerged as the ‘Player of the Tournament,’ displaying exceptional skill and determination throughout the competition. Additionally, Krishna Karki’s precise setting earned him the title of ‘Best Setter,’ while Kishor Gharti Magar’s stellar defense earned him the accolade of ‘Best Defender.’

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The tournament’s success was a collective effort, guided by esteemed personalities. Mr. Tara Gaire, the former sports ambassador to VIC, and President of the Nepalese Sports Association of Victoria, along with the guiding expertise of Main Coach Mahesh K Shrestha, played pivotal roles in ensuring a smooth and competitive event.


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Adding a musical touch to the event, the renowned singer Mr. Basanta Thapa serenaded the audience with his melodious tunes, creating an atmosphere of celebration and friendship.

In a heartwarming gesture of appreciation, tokens of love were extended to Mr. Basanta Thapa and the generous sponsors. Kedar Sapkota, the Director of ICS International Education and Migration, Sabin Adhikari, Director of Yatra The Connection, Baburam Bhattarai, Director of Wealthmax Financial Group were presented with special Tokens of Love, acknowledging their invaluable support and contribution to the success of the tournament.

As a testament to their remarkable performance, the Himalayan Tiger team received a cash prize of 1500 AUD, along with a glittering trophy and medals. The Hamro Community Red team, displaying commendable sportsmanship, was awarded a prize of 500 AUD in recognition of their efforts.

Mr. Anish Sharma Gaire took on the role of a host, ensuring a smooth run of the tournament.

Chairman Mr. Prakash Aryal extended his heartfelt thanks to everyone involved, acknowledging their dedication and enthusiasm in making the tournament a resounding success.

The event also drew a distinguished audience, including NRNA Victoria Chairman Mr. Mani Ratan Sapkota, President of ANMC Mr. Gandhi Prasad Bhattarai, President of Himalayan Tiger Mr. Santosh Pandey and ANMC Secretary Ananta Paudel, underscoring the significance and widespread support garnered by the tournament within the community. The Hamro Community’s ICS Cup Volleyball Tournament not only showcased exceptional athleticism but also exemplified the spirit of unity and sportsmanship within the Nepalese community in Victoria.

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